Navigation Journal Club

The Navigation Journal Club is an open weekly meeting of the Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis (GIVA) group at the University of Zurich. Interested researchers and students from other departments/universities are welcome to join. Each week, we will discuss a reading related to navigation as a group. We will focus on a mix of classic readings in navigation research and more recent readings. We will cover topics of navigation in neuroscience, navigation from a cognitive science perspective, computational modeling of navigation, and real-world navigation studies. We also welcome suggestions for readings from the group.

Time: Mondays at 16H.

Place: UZH Irchel, Geography Building Y25, Floor K, Room K32 (library).

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Date and time Location Topic Category
23.09.2019 at 16H Irchel Campus (building Y25, floor K, room 32) Oliva, A., Park, S., & Konkle, T. (2011). Representing, perceiving and remembering the shape of visual space. In: Vision in 3D Environments, ed. L.R. Harris and M. Jenkin. Cambridge University Press. Computational Vision (review)
30.09.2019 at 16H Irchel Campus (building Y25, floor K, room 32) Gagnon, K. T., Thomas, B. J., Munion, A., Creem-Regehr, S. H., Cashdan, E. A., & Stefanucci, J. K. (2018). Not all those who wander are lost: Spatial exploration patterns and their relationship to gender and spatial memory. Cognition, 180, 108-117. Measurement & Individual Differences
07.10.2019 at 16H Irchel Campus (building Y25, floor K, room 32) Epstein, R.A., Patai, E.Z., Julian, J.B., Spiers, H. J. (2017). The cognitive map in humans: spatial navigation and beyond, Nature Neurosience, 20(11): 1504-1513. Neuroscience
14.10.2019 at 16H Irchel Campus (building Y25, floor K, room 32) Epstein, S., Korpan, R. (2019). Planning and Explanations with a Learned Spatial Model. 14th International Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT 2019). Proceedings, LIPICS Vol. 142, Timpf. S., Schlieder, C., Kattenbeck, M., Ludwig, B., Stewart, K. (Eds.). Sep. 9-13, 2019, Regensburg, Germany, DOI: 10.4230/LIPIcs.COSIT.2019.22 Artificial Intelligence
21.10.2019 at 16H Irchel Campus (building Y25, floor K, room 32) TBD TBD
28.10.2019 at 16H Irchel Campus (building Y25, floor H, room 32) TBD TBD

More articles and dates will be announced soon. Articles will be sent via e-mail and available on our Mendeley group. Please send us your e-mail address to be included in the (private) Mendeley group.